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Wedding & Bridal

Make your special day perfect with the best fitting dress in town


A lot of planning goes into making your wedding day perfect. Everything from the flowers to the caterer and the venue to the dress contributes to your special day. Having a wedding dress that fits your body type is key to looking and feeling good as you walk down the aisle. Let our tailors help make you wedding day perfect by altering your gown to fit your body.


When shopping for the perfect wedding/bridal attire, you may be able to find the style you want. But when you try it on, you realize that it does not fit every part of your body. It might be too big in the waist or a tad bit tight in the chest area. Our tailors can nip, tuck, shorten, lengthen and rework your dress until it fits perfectly.


Here are some tips to help you purchase a dress that we can alter to fit perfectly:


Do not wait until the last minute to start shopping. Go shopping as soon as you can to see what’s available.

Bridal sizes tend to run a bit small. Buy the size that fits, not a size you would normally wear.

Purchase shoes and undergarments right away. Then wear those items when you come in for fittings.

When you buy your dress, we can give it the overhaul needed to ensure you look and feel your very best on your special day. Contact us today to set up your appointment so we can show you what we can do to help make your dress as perfect as it can be.

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