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Make your pants fit perfectly by having our tailors lengthen them

On the tall side? Talk to one of our tailors about lengthening services for garments that are too short. The Perfect Fit Studio provides lengthening services to ensure that you not only get the perfect length, but also the perfect fit for your body shape and size.


Don’t let the length of pants get in the way of you purchasing those pants that fit perfectly in the waist. Our tailors are able to work with you, extending pant hems and any other alterations you may need to ensure those pants have the perfect fit.


If you are needing to add a few more inches to your pants, we can help you by getting your garment lengthened. There are a few different options we can offer when altering pants to fit those who are tall or who love to wear high-heels. If there is enough fabric in the original hem, we can pull it down, giving you the extra length you need. Depending upon the pant style, we can put in a false hem.


Bring in your garments you want lengthened and talk to our tailors. They can determine if it is possible to add the length you need. Have more than just pants that need to be lengthen? No problem. Bring in your skirts, dresses and jackets to us. We will do our best to get your clothes fitting the way they were meant to fit.

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