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Take In

Taking in Your Clothing Can Give You the Perfect Fit


Have you recently lost weight? Or maybe you are suffering from finding the perfect article of clothing, but fashion sizing variances are leaving you without the perfect fit. These are just two examples of why you may need to have a tailor take in some of the items in your wardrobe.


Close your eyes and imagine this. You pull up your favorite pair of pants and they fit perfectly. Chances are you are going to feel fabulous from the moment you pull those pants up. Now, in reality, those same pants may fit a little bit big in the waist or be too loose around the thighs. Our tailors can help turn the reality of your wardrobe into what you just imagined when thinking of the perfect fitting pair of pants.


It does not matter if your outfits are for work, a formal gathering, play, casual outings or just lying around the home. You want your clothes to fit and look fabulous.


Did you know The Perfect Fit Studio is a place where you can come talk to our tailors and take in those garments that are too big? We can help you create the best wardrobe by taking in your pants, jeans, dresses, bridal gowns, shirts, shorts and just about any other clothing item you have. Bring us the items that are not fitting properly and we can show you how we can make them fit your body.

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