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Mens gray pants and ladies knee length blue dress

On the tall side? Talk to one of our tailors about lengthening services for garments that are too short. The Perfect fit studio provides lengthening services to ensure that you not only get the perfect length but also the perfect fit for your body shape and size.

five men with pants that are too short

Shorten pants, jackets, dresses and more. Talk to one of our tailors. Standard pant hems can be done in about an hour. To ensure that you not only get the perfect style. The perfect fit tailors also specialize in putting the original hems back onto your jeans so they look unaltered and as original as possible

lady in a red dress getting measured with a measuring tape
Take in

Lost weight? Inconsistent fashion sizing? Visit The Perfect Fit Studio where you can take in your garments that are too big or simply just don't fit right. Take in pants and jean waist and sides; formal and casual dresses, bridal gowns, skirts and shorts and much more.

lady in a flowing pink florel dress
pocket of blue jeans with spool of thread, needle and thimble laying on top
white wedding dress being measured at waist with a yellow measuring tape
Let Out

Gained muscle? Let our experts help you breath right again. Some fashion garments may have the right length but the jacket sides or pant waist are too tight. Our tailors can let out almost any garments to endure they fit right. You can let out your pant waist, dresses, jackets, shirt sides and much more

Repair broken zippers, buttons, torn seams or patch up holes to extend the life of your clothing. Let the experts at The Perfect Fit Studio bring your favorite garments back to life.

The Perfect Fit Studio will give you the perfect fit on your most perfect day by altering your wedding gown to fit your exact body shape and size so you can look your absolute best on your wedding day. Our tailors will nip, tuck, shorten, lengthen and rework each dress to perfection. 

Dry Cleaning & Laundry 

Hanging Shirts

Leather Cleaning

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