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Let Out

Letting seams out can give you extra room


A great tailor is hard to find and once you find one, he/she will be your new best friend. Especially when you experience a fluctuation in weight or muscle mass. Letting the seams out can help give you the extra space needed in your clothes to compensate for your body’s change.


Our experienced tailors can adjust and let out seams in just about any fashionable garment you own. Using the services of a tailor can give your wardrobe a longer life, making your pants, dresses, jackets and shirts fit appropriately. If you have some items that are getting a bit snug, contact us and we can help determine if there is enough room to let out the seams.


Another great reason to hire a tailor to help let out the seams is when you shop for new clothing. Many times you find the perfect pair of pants, that are the exact length you need. However, the pants might be a little bit snug in the waist. Our tailors can help let out the seams, making your new pants fit perfectly.


Your clothing is a representation of you. When outfits fit properly, you not only look good, but you feel amazing. With the assistance of our tailors, you can invest in the perfectly fitting wardrobe. From head to toe, you will always look and feel fabulous.

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