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Get your clothes to fit perfectly without looking like they have been altered  


Shorten pants, jackets, dresses and more. Take time to talk to one of our tailors. Standard pant hems can be done in about an hour. To ensure that you not only get the perfect style. The perfect fit tailors also specialize in putting the original hems back onto your jeans so they look unaltered and as original as possible.


Why should you have your clothes altered? Having them altered to fit perfectly makes you feel more adult because your clothes are not oversized. When your clothes fit correctly and are not too long, you feel confident, knowing you look amazing.


There are many reasons to have your clothing shorted. You may have found the perfect fitting jeans, but they are a bit too long. Or, maybe you have lost weight, making your pants hang a bit longer. Alterations can make new clothes fit even better and old clothes feel like new.


No matter what your reason is, bring your clothes to one of our tailors. They can help determine if the items can be altered and share with you the best way to make them fit perfectly.


In addition to shortening pants, our tailors can help you with other alteration services too. They can shorten sleeves, hem most items, take in waistlines and take in the body of tops, dresses and jackets.For more information about having your pant hems shortened, contact our perfect fit tailors today.

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